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Mules by Daniela Vlaskalic & Beth Graham

One Act, 90 minutes. Dark comedy. 2 Females/1 Male

Holed up in a washroom in Vancouver’s International Airport, Cindy and Crystal are fighting for their lives. Crystal has a belly full of cocaine and a limited time to get it out of her system, while Cindy is trying to keep her violent drug smuggling boyfriend at bay. When a janitor interrupts them, the crisis escalates and their lives are changed forever.

World Premiere

Theatrefront & Hit & Myth, Toronto February 2019

The Drowning Girls by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson & Daniela Vlaskalic

One Act, 75 minutes, Drama, 3 females

The Drowning Girls recounts the story of Bessie, Alice and Margaret, three of the many wives of George Joseph Smith, an Edwardian opportunist who made a living marrying women, taking out life insurance policies for them and subsequently drowning them in their baths. Three ghostly brides surface from bathtubs full of water, to gather evidence against their womanizing, murderous, husband by reliving the shocking events leading up to their deaths. As they make their case, they discover how they have been victimized not only by George Joseph Smith, but also by society at large. Full of rich images, a myriad of characters, a quirky sense of humour and lyrical language, The Drowning Girls is both breathtaking fantasia and social critique.

The Drowning Girls published by: Canada Playwrights Press

Production History:

Upcoming: Western Canada Theatre Company 2019

Great Canadian Theatre Company, October 2018
Clifton Performance Theatre, Cincinnati August 2018
Vertigo Theatre Company Calgary, April 2017
Renaissance Theatre, Milwaukee November 2016
Aravada Centre for the Arts, April 2016
Neptune Theatre in Halifax, March 2016
Urbanite Theatre, Sarasota Fl, April 2016
Signal Ensemble Theatre, Chicago, June 2015
Regina’s Globe Theatre, March 2015
World premiere at Alberta Theatre Projects’ playRites festival, 2008

National tour, 2009 – 2011 (tour included: Tarragon Theatre, Belfry Theatre, Richmond Gateway Theatre, Citadel Theatre, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Persephone Theatre)

Internationally produced in: Australia, New Zealand & The United States

The original version of ‘The Drowning Girls’ premiered at the 1999 Edmonton Fringe Festival and toured to On the Waterfront Festival, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 2000.



Comrades by Daniela Vlaskalic & Beth Graham

One Act, 90 minutes, Historical/Drama, 2 males or 2 females

Comrades tells the story of Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, two Italian, immigrant anarchists wrongfully arrested, imprisoned and electrocuted in Boston, Massachusetts in 1927. Based on actual events, Comrades brings to life their seven- year imprisonment, and explores the struggles and agonies of two men, tried not for what they did but for who they were.

Comrades published by: Canada Playwrights Press

Production History:

Waterford Old Town Hall, Ontario, November 2014
Kill Your Television Theatre, Edmonton 2005/2006

Original version of ‘Comrades’ premiered at the 2000
Edmonton Fringe Festival


The Last Train by Daniela Vlaskalic & Beth Graham

Two Acts, 120 minutes, Historical/Drama, 5 females, 1 male

In the chaos surrounding the last days of the Second World War, a train full of looted artwork, stolen by the Nazis, flees Paris. Aboard the train, five famous muses, labeled ‘degenerate’ by their captors, await an uncertain fate. The Last Train is a play about identity, self worth and the value of art. Full of theatrical imagery, strong female characters, and lyrical language, The Last Train is both mystery and social critique.

Production History:

Shadow Theatre, Edmonton 2003-2004 Season
Workshop reading at 2003 Springboards New Play Festival, Workshop West Theatre

Works in Progress

Sleight of Mind by Daniela Vlaskalic

Based on the controversial true story of Rudi Schneider, an Austrian Medium from the 1920’s that became the highest paid Medium in the world. During his rise to fame a power struggle emerges between; the man who discovered him, Dr. Harry Price, his spirt guide Lola Montez, and Mitzi, his fiancé. Torn between his desire to contribute to science, his commitment to his fiancé and his obsession with Lola, Rudi makes a choice resulting in devastating consequences. The play examines our obsession of fame, legacy and the power of love.



The Fox by Daniela Vlaskalic

Adapted from the short story by D.H. Lawrence

In 1918, in Southern Ontario, two woman, Jill and Nellie purchase a farm hoping for freedom and independence. The work is much harder than anticipated and they are plagued by many hardships, including a sneaky fox, that threatens the farm. Henry, returning from the war and hoping to reunite with his estranged grandfather is surprised to discover the women. Henry’s arrival provokes mixed feelings in the women. He quickly develops feelings for Nellie, while Jill begins to feel threatened by his presence. In the end Nellie must choose between Henry or her friendship, freedom and independence with Jill.

Short Plays

A Foolish Boy by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic -premiered at 2004 Sprouts, Children’s New Play Festival, Concrete Theatre, Edmonton AB
-presented by Red Deer College’s Theatre and Creation Program, 2011
-Playwrights Canada Press, 2010, “A Foolish Boy,” included in: ‘Sprouts! The Concrete Theatre Festival Anthology.”

For Ever, For Always by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic
-developed during Artist-in-Residency at Catalyst Theatre 2005/2006
-workshop presentation at the 2006 Springboards New Play Festival, Workshop West Theatre

By her Side by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic
-premiered as part of Fight Show 2, Edmonton Fringe Festival 2004

Next Exit by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic
-premiered as part of Panties in Shorts, presented by Panties Productions, Edmonton AB, 2003

Corked by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic
-part of Fusion 2001: Let There be Light, presented by Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton AB.
Preformed at Spotlight Alberta presented by Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary AB, 2001

Awards and Nominations

The Drowning Girls

-nominated for two Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards (Edmonton)
-nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for best touring production (Toronto
-received four Betty Mitchell Awards including “Outstanding New Play” (Calgary)
-received three SATA awards (Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards)
-received Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award (2009 Alberta Literary Award)
-shortlisted for the Carol Bolt Award for Drama, 2009 (Canada)

The Drowning Girls (Fringe Version)
-received four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards, including:
Outstanding New Fringe Play, 1999 (Edmonton)

Comrades (Fringe Version)
-nominated for four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards including : Outstanding New Fringe Play, 2000 (Edmonton)

The Last Train
-received Best Play for the Alberta Playwright Network’s Playwriting Competition, 2003

Mules (Fringe Version)
-nominated for four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards including: Outstanding New Fringe Play, 2006